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About DutchArtMosaics & Maartje de Boer


is a mosaic studio in Borculo in the Netherlands.

Here the ancient mosaic craft is practiced in a new style. Portraits, but also works of art that display famous Dutch or other themes in a new and sustainable way. Unique decorative works for people who want to make their home or work environment more beautiful in a special way.

Commissioned work is always a possibility. But DutchArtMosaics can also help you if you want to get started with creating a mosaic yourself. If you need a pattern-drawing for your mosaic, you've come to the right place.

Maartje de Boer has started her mosaicworkshop in 2016.


"For a long time I was looking for a creative outlet. In 2007 I discovered the art of mosaics at a workshop with the Italian mosaic artist Luciana Notturni in Ravenna. I got hooked immediately and wanted to master the craft. To achieve this, I followed the 'Art Craft Mosaic’ training at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Wilrijk (Belgium) from 2008 to 2012, led by Gino Tondat. With this knowledge at hand, I have developed my own style in the following years, with mostly figurative works."

"Typical of my work is the free, expressive style in which I display the character of the subject or the moment. But also the materials I use: especially bricks and tiles that I find outside, on the street. There is a vast splendor of colors and materials literally up for grabs, and it makes the world a bit cleaner and more durable too. "

"What continues to fascinate me with mosaic art is the creation of a unique, inspired work of a collection of loose stones. Through the use of color and lines the works get depth and detail without losing the essence of mosaic. Mosaic is a fantastic medium to express reality and my emotions in a different way. "

Theme: portraits


Other works



   Works by DutchArtMosaics are exhibited at:

  • 2017: Schildersfestival, Sellingen (July 8th)

  • 2016: Dutch International Art Fair, Rotterdam

  • 2014: Annual Dutch Art Fair,  Amsterdam

  • 2014: Regionale Kunstdagen, Eindhoven







Do you have those places in your home or in your work environment that you look at every day and that keep annoying you every time? Or that could use a beautiful piece of art because right now they are so boring or empty? 

Those places can be a beautiful, positive eye-catcher, an unique work of art that you want to look at every day.

DutchArtMosaics can also arrange this for you. I can create a customized design for you. Or put your own design / ideas into a mosaic.




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