More than ancient times and public areas

March 12, 2017

Mosaic is mainly known for luxurious Roman villas of ancient times or from Byzantine churches with walls covered with mosaics as in Ravenna. Also in current public areas, we find large, modern mosaics.


That mosaic can also be a modern art form, is less known. Mosaic artists from the Netherlands, Belgium and around the world make the most beautiful artworks. I do not mean copying ancient mosaics, but the creation of new, original artworks based on their own designs, each unique and very diverse in style and execution.



Magnolia, black/white marble tile, Maartje de Boer, 2012


From tiles and 'paintings' of stone and glass to tables and 3D objects. From figurative to abstract. Created according to traditional techniques or not. With a huge variety of materials such as marble, glass, tiles, natural stone etc.




Force of Life, table with mosaic, tempered glass, glass fusings and steel, Conny van der Wende, 2012


A good mosaic artwork is distinguished by the blend of material, texture, relief, lines and color. Where a painting remains essentially two-dimensional, a mosaic can add a third dimension to it with texture and relief. From macro to micro, everything is possible: a work to look at from a few meters distance or a work that hangs at a 1-meter distance from the dinner table.



                                              Goofy I, waste material and smalti, Maartje de Boer, 2014



Watch this video and take a closer look at this form of art.

 Impression of mosaic art created by students of the Mosaicisti Scuola del Friuli mosaic training, in Spilimbergo, Italy.


Maartje de Boer is the owner of the mosaic workshop DutchArtMosaics,


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